How It Works

When it comes to buying homes, there's nothing more frightening for a perspective buyer than the thought of being relentlessly hounded by real estate agents.

We get that.

But we also understand the need for agents to maintain contact with potential clients and stay fresh in their mind as someone who can help them find their dream home. That's where we come in. Through Agent Buyer Track, real estate agents now have an incredibly user-friendly way to consistently reach out to clients without making them feel hassled or overwhelmed.

Commitment phobia is a common occurrence among those looking to buy a home (understandably so), and our system is specifically targeted to people who are 'just looking.' Instead of potentially losing touch with those prospects by using the traditional, ''Call me when you're ready,” response, agents can now offer Agent Buyer Track's non-threatening, no commitment VIP service. Simply enter the prospect's name, email address and specific home-search criteria, and within minutes they receive automatic email updates every time a home matching their exact specifications enters the market. Because the email alerts are so targeted, buyers won't feel 'spammed' because they only receive information they actually want. And the information they put into the site is protected n a secure site, the same quality you find for any online banking site -- so they won’t have to worry about online security.

The best part is that each time they receive emails or visit our site to search for homes, they see specific agent and loan officer photos with contact information, ensuring that when they are ready to buy, they go to the trusted sources they've seen throughout the entire search process.

The perks for agents are even better. Through our VIP service, they can send out personalized newsletters to every client in their database in a matter of seconds, reaching a mass of potential buyers with one click. Agents also receive weekly update emails detailing their clients' activity on the site, including everything from the number of searches they've conducted to whether or not they've applied for financing. And if their search criteria changes in the slightest, the agent immediately receives an email update. Plus, with 24-7 access to the site, agents have myriad resources at their fingertips to manage their clients, arrange showings or conduct outreach anytime, anywhere.

Ease of use, convenience and consistent marketing make this the best tool available for real estate agents looking to expand their client base and increase revenue. With Agent Buyer Track, we really do lead agent prospects to the close!